NEG Micon Spare Parts?

We are the go-to supplier of spare parts for NEG Micon wind turbines.

We still supply e.g. tip cylinders to all the NEG Micon platforms as well as pitch cylinders to the newer platforms.

Are you the proud owner of a NEG Micon turbine, then contact us to get the absolute best advice on how to keep it running for the next 30 years.

Or have a look at our webshop for wind turbine spare parts.

Our areas of business


Fluid Power

We supply hydraulic cylinders and accumulators for offshore cranes, oil drilling equipment, mining equipment, metal presses, laundry machines, bridges, flood control gates and wind turbines.



Fluid Power Service & Repair

We repair your cylinders and accumulators worldwide no matter brand or size.

We get you up and running as quickly as possible - to keep Your deadlines.



Wind Power

We are a leading supplier of hydraulic components and solutions for wind turbines: Pitch hydraulics, hydraulic braking and cooling solutions, rotor locks, and hatch opening systems.



Wind Power Service & Aftermarket

We supply spare parts for wind turbines.

We also develop upgrades and tools to improve your turbines performance and reduce your service & maintenance costs.